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Where to this weekend in San Francisco?

Welcome to Fog Blog San Francisco

People often ask “Have you been to any new restaurants?” or “Seen any good shows?” and the answer is almost always “Yes!” Since our kids have grown up, we’ve had more resources to eat out and attend theater and concerts than ever before, and we love doing these things.

Now I want a place to share our experiences, mostly in San Francisco but elsewhere too. Hopefully this will help you, my friends, when you have a spare evening or weekend and are trying to figure out where to eat or what to see. I want to know what you think of the places we’ve shared and would love you to share your experiences as well. Also I want to know what you like here on FogBlogSF and what you might want more of or less of.

I’m just starting out with this blog project and will be working out the processes and etiquette, so please be patient and share any tips or favorite sites I should be looking at for inspiration or guidance. In the meantime, I will try to publish once a week, maybe on Thursdays or Fridays so people can have ideas for the upcoming weekend.


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  1. Congratulations! This is fantastic. Love the idea and execution.

  2. Sandra – great idea to share all of your family’s varied theatre and dining experiences, as you all go out more than anyone we know….and to all the best places! Nice blog….

    • This is funny Steve, because I think you guys are out more than we are and not just here in the Bay Area but you have so much international experience as well. Thanks for checking in!

  3. You’re definitely the go-to person for all things San Francisco. Looking forward to your blogs. Congratulations!

  4. Great endeavor!

  5. Great idea Sandra! I’ll just be your blog stalker since I don’t get out much. ?

  6. Great idea! I’ll just be your blog stalker since I don’t get out much! ?

  7. Good for you, Sandra. I think this is an awesome project. Keep it going! We just had friends in SF who called to ask where they should visit next. I could have referred them to your blog. Next time!

  8. Love that you’re doing this! But it should NOT replace in-person recommendations and catch-ups… 🙂

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